Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Some news and an apology

Firstly I would like to apologise for my lack of activity. I got a new lead for my laptop last month and all was going great. But its died on me again. I have stamps on my laptop but cant email them across to the desktop as can't power the damn thing up grr. Im so annoyed as I have halloween stamps on there. Thats 4 leads thats gone in the space of months. I called into the computer shop and asked him if he would look at my laptop. He was really nice and asked me where i got my leads and if they were clones or real acer leads. I told him they were cheap ones of ebay. He told me thats prob the problem as they are made in China and dont last right long. He told me to buy a real acer charger which will cost me more but has warranty on it. He also said if it did not last long then it is a prob with the laptop. he could have looked at the laptop and charged me for nothing lol. Anyway I cant afford a lead at the moment asI lost my job in July. So I will struggle on but bear with me yet again for the lack of products..

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