Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sorry everyone hope to have new work soon

I just want to give everyone an update as to why i haven't been around for a while. My laptop died last month and it was the 3rd power lead i'd gone through in the space of 6 months or so. Anyway i ordered another and it had only been on 10 mins and it went off. My friends husband is looking at it for me but he is so busy with his own work it may take a while.But i cant really complain as he said he will do it for free. Unless something crops up what will cost alot. I have a desktop which im on at the mo but thats old and keeps crashing lol. Also have to share it with res of family. All my works on the laptop and i hate not doing anything. But i hope to get some more stuff done asap Hugs Donna x I think i may have to go find my old psp 9 disc and put it on the desktop if it will work. LOL