Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Holiday Special Challenge

Go here for our big challenge
30th Novemeber
Wow look at all these goddies you could win woot!

Monday, 23 November 2009

New Stamp in store today

Here is my newest stamp just added to digital ink-co He is only $1.50
Hes so cute lol

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Ho Ho Ho a Christmas freebie

Ho Ho Ho Im feeling all festive
So i thought i would make you a free stamp
Feel free to tell all your friends about Tubby Claus
If you make a card form my stamps then please email me at
and i will showcase them here and also at the digital ink co gallery
Get Tubby Claus here and dont forget to leave some love

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Another new stamp at Digital ink-co

This is my newest creation
Skating snowman family
This would look great an any christmas card
priced at $3.00

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Saturday Spotlight Challenge

Digital Ink-co are Proud sponsers of Saturday Spotlight this week
Check it out

Friday, 13 November 2009

Woohoo my 1st award

Now for those who know me, know that im not very imaginative nad good with words lol so forgive me haha
But i want to say a big thankyou to Stitchy for this awesome award..It really means alot..
Now i have to answer these random questions hehhe...Lets go

 1.Where is you cell phone - Is that a mobile phone? If so in my handbag

2 Hair - thick mousey and wavy..i use starightners on it

3 Mother - 5 mins walk up the road

4 Father - Biological father is a alcholic..I see him once a year if hes lucky..Step dad is my dad in my eyes and lives with mum

5 What is you favourite food -Sunday roast yummmmmm

6 Dream last night - Lets just say it involved Robbie Williams ;)

7 Favourite drink - tea or malibu n coke

8 Your dream goal - to earn more money and get a better life

9 What room are you in? - the livivng room

10 Your hobby - Mostly makin' digi stamps for my card makin' friends

11 Your fear - Anything happening to my children and armaggedon

12 Where do you want to live in 6 years time? - A 3 bed house instead of this 2 bed dump

13 Where were you last night? PTA meeting at school

14 Something that you aren't - nasty

15 Muffins - yummy

16 Wishlist item - a house

17 Where did you grow up? Bradford Westyorkshire UK

18 Last thing you did - Make a cup of tea

19 What are you wearing - nightie..was in bath an hour ago

20 Your TV - watching Coronation street at moment

21 Your pets - a 2 year old cat called Gabby and a 3 month old kitten called Melissa

22 Your friends - Best mate michelle,a few other friends and online buddies who i also feel close to although never met

23 Your life - is crap but i know some people are worse off

24 Your mood - stress head lol

25 Missing someone - my Auntie who died from breast cancer last year..She was my best friend too

26 Vehicle - Dont have one

27 Something you're not wearing - shhhhhhhhh Knickers ooooooooopppppppsss

28 Your favourite store - George at asda- especailly for the kids

29 Your favourite colour - Pink

30 Last time you laughed - a few days ago

31 Last time you cried - last week

32 Your best friend - Michelle

33 One place you go to over and over -Work lol

34 One person who emails you regularly - Judy

35 Favourite place to eat - Pizza hut lol

36 Facebook - yeah everyday...Another addiction

Now im supposed to send this on to 5 other people
Well this will be hard as im new to this malarchy lol
So if you get it and youve already been nominated which you may have
been then tough luck muahhhhhhh
So going to

Phew that was hard lol
Huggaz Donna xoxo

New stamp

This is my realease party stamp.
Our designers showed bits of our stamps before they were released
This stamp is to say i am thankful for all they do
Lil Diva

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Nativity

Here is my newest stamp available at Digital Ink co
It is called The Nativity and im so pleased with the outcome as its taken me a long time to make it
priced at $3.00

Monday, 9 November 2009

A lil update

Hello everyone..I hope you are all well. I have been too busy to make a new stamp this week but i am working on a couple right now. I am doing a really nice christmasy one but its taking me ages as its quite detailed..By the time im in from work and got the kids sorted im ready for my bed lol..The stamp will be in store in a day or 2..Hugs Donna xx