Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Stamp poll please comment and help me xxx

Ok i have added a discussion at Stitchybears ning group about what type of stamps people like and i got a good response..So im going to ask the same question here lol..Pointless making stamps that dont sell lmao..Anyway please comment and let me know what stamps you like to use and i will try my best to make some lol..Also what pixel width do you like your lines..I use 4px but sometimes find it harder when making more detailed stamps..All input is muchly appreciated..Hugs Donna xx


  1. Hi Donna,
    l like lots of different stamps, but mainly like butterlies, bird houses, flowers..fairies etc l have alot of Whiff of Joy, Sugar nellies and Sarh Kay...
    Susan x

  2. Hi Donna, thanks for becoming a follower, I've become a follower of yours now too. I like lots of different stamps but I love butterflies and flowers and dragonflies too
    Hugs Jackie x

  3. HI Donna I have recently discovered your stamps and adore them! I love fairies, butterflies, angels etc pretty much anything with wings that I cann sparkle up! I like oriental maga style characters and ones with a bit of attitude! I am now an avid follower and will be coming back regularly for updates! Hugs Rebekah x